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The model
KuzuDate: Sunday, 27/December/2009, 10:21:11 PM | Message # 1
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Starvations/Baby Doll/Dream Baby

On the street, in the shopping center, and everywhere we go, we always bump into random ppl who just swoon at the sight of our daughter. (this is not being cocky, its just a note). now, at first, of course this feels really nice to have ppl say nice things. but after a while, we started to wonder if it wasnt just the "OMG look how cute that baby is BECAUSE she is "half" (half caucasian, half japanese). " we are happy that ppl think shes cute, but we dont want it to be because she is of mixed race only. for the few of us whove been in japan, how many times have u seen a butt ugly white boy with a fine-as-hell j-chick? too many times. anyways, thats a whole 'nuther story, so ill leave it at that.

so we decided to contact some model agencies just for fun. and whadyaknow? we get some responses. we registered her at Cosmopolitan (unfortunately no relation to the magazine.. any copyright issues i wonder?). within a week or so, she was booked for her first shoot.

and who did we meet at the photo session? none other than Billy Blanks (his baby girl was also getting photographed). he of "Tae-Bo" fame in the U.S. in japan he is known for "Billy Blank's Bootcamp". he is in his mid-50s and still going strong. we went to his studio twice, and just chatted with him and his family and watched him give some trial lessons. he had an 18 year old daughter, helping out, and was wearing spandex... omg... wow

ok, so yah. this webpage is a well known kids clothing chain.
yah, i know the name "Starvations" is fucked up. we thought it was just "Baby Doll" but w/e.

our baby is on the title page! (curly brown hair) yah babee. she is also listed on several of the [Baby size 80-90] pages.

im just sharing my news cuz, well, i dont have many ppl to share it with.

DoOrDie86Date: Monday, 28/December/2009, 1:53:57 PM | Message # 2
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WOW !!! that is so cool...

Congrats... biggrin

GuzmanDate: Thursday, 31/December/2009, 12:40:51 PM | Message # 3
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Cool Story Dude! That's Pretty Neat, I Enjoyed Reading It!

& Yeah, The Name "Starvations" Is A Bit Strange...

redhamuSLADate: Thursday, 31/December/2009, 8:15:08 PM | Message # 4
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It's cuz you're so damn cute too, Kuzu! (*^_^*)

AngDate: Tuesday, 05/January/2010, 6:40:35 PM | Message # 5
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Sweet! I hope all goes well. I remember Billy Blanks, they made us to Tae-Bo in the gym when I was like 11? lol

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