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redhamuSLADate: Sunday, 14/March/2010, 12:53:04 PM | Message # 1
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The idea is that after many games, the accolades show your tendencies as a player. Alu & I were discussing them in-game & I found them pretty entertaining. Evidently I'm a bit of a kdr whore & love shooting down at people. LOL. Hopefully Alu posts up his. His "Buckshot" number is truly inspirational. Here are my top accolades per section!



"Immortal" Highest kill/death ratio x826
"Unstoppable" Longest killstreak x719
"The Feared" kills x626


"Juggernaut" Fewest deaths x639
"Statuesque" stationary kills x589
"Lifer" Longest life x559

Purple Guns:

"Buckshot" shotgun kills x484
"Ambusher" Claymore kills x436
"Survivalist" equipment kills x361

Green guns:

"Loaner" kills with enemy weapons x560
"Lock & Load" reloads x546
"Weapon Rack" weapon swaps x436


"High Command" Highest average altitude x474
"Grudge Match" kills of same player x458
"Lockdown" time spent in one place x385


"Dominator" points captured x2

Post up yours! (^_-)b

banion7Date: Tuesday, 16/March/2010, 8:51:40 PM | Message # 2
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Ok well here it is, these would be my numbers on the chubakka_ account at least, (eg a sig amount more "buckshot" I would assume if I added all accounts together like weekend 'ginamerica' etc but just more numbers, nothing to change the order of things).

I thought it would be interesting to add the top 3 . . . Classic noob really LOL


Devastator Highest multikill X 325
Longest killstreak X 119
Highest kdr X 87


Killed entire enemy team X 341
Most flashbang hits X 257
Fewest deaths X 177


Most claymore kills X 633
Most equipment kills X 356
Most shotgun kills X 245


Most weapon swaps X 325
Most hipfire kills X 120
Most time watching killcams X 100


Highest avg altitude X 155

Sick face

Shortest life X 3


Most points X 45

AlucardDate: Saturday, 20/March/2010, 5:55:05 PM | Message # 3
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lol here are mine

306 "The Feared" - most kills
258 "Immortal" - highest kdr
237 "Unstoppable" - longest killstreak

Red Fists
916 "None Spared" - killed entire enemy team
480 "Flanker" - most kills from behind
217 "Executioner" - most execution kills(killing ppl that are in last stand with headshot)

Purple Guns
971 "Buckshot" - most shotgun kills
455 "Boomstick" - most shotgun headshots
283 "semtex Pro" - most semtex kills

Green Guns
734 "Runner"- most time spent sprinting
tied at second 675 "Nomad"(most distance traveled) and "Sprayer"(most hipfire kills)
564 "Weapon rack" - most weapon swaps

Frowny face
2 "Deathrow" - longest defathstreak
2 "Blindsided" - most kills from behind
1 "Clay Pigeon" - most shotgun deaths (shakes head)

Red Stars
539 "Undercover" - most time spent near enemies
333 "Low Profile" - lowest average altitude
264 "Grudge Match" - most kills of the same player

3 "Bomb threat" - most kills as bomb carrier
3 "Bomb Expert" - most bombs planted
2 "Bomb Blocker" - most bomb carrier kills

thats it lol

Message edited by Alucard - Saturday, 20/March/2010, 5:57:50 PM
redhamuSLADate: Saturday, 27/March/2010, 7:18:58 PM | Message # 4
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Wooord.  It looks like we all like our shotties!  LOL.  

Alu's deadly with the "sprint around & shotty" strat (a personal favorite of mine in TDM w/ an M1014).  Banion's deadly with those Claymores & shotty in CQB areas.  Both of you guys also kill the entire other team for free!

redhamuSLADate: Thursday, 01/April/2010, 8:28:14 AM | Message # 5
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Just got my 1000th "Immortal". \(^_^)/

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