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MW2: Map Strats/Effective Load-outs
GuzmanDate: Thursday, 04/February/2010, 7:50:10 AM | Message # 31
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Quote (Kuzu)
guz: whats wrong with claymores and stopping power?

I Have No Idea. The Little I Keep Up On MW2, Those Seem To Be The Things People Complain About. Mostly Anyway.

Isn't Stopping Power Unnecessary Though? In A Game Like This?

KuzuDate: Thursday, 04/February/2010, 7:02:29 PM | Message # 32
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red complains about C4.. cry haha
stopping power is useful, if not necessary for quite a few guns (famas/m16) to ensure that u kill in one set of burst fire.
and is also good for just about anything besides the FAL, Scar, AK, shotties and sniper rifles.

they completely nerfed the SMGs this time around. they are incredibly weak, and their range is so small. i cant even remember the last time i died by a P90 (hated those guns in mw2... everyone used it). so i would say they need SP for sure.

i played a few rounds of FFA last night, and i got 2nd, then 1st place. was more fun than i anticipated, though on bigger maps i can see it just being tedious, spending the whole time just searching for players. rust is just a dumb map IMO.

banion7Date: Saturday, 03/April/2010, 11:17:52 PM | Message # 33
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Well after spending a good 4 days or so semi-focused on getting the tactical setup for Magnum, I have to say it's not my favorite... Live and learn eh??

I don't know about you guys but I've been seeing less and less of those guys lately - I tried it a couple of times yesterday to limited success - first try on favela was a negative game and the majority of my kills came from UMP and Semtex anyways - but I did get a the winning killcam where I just finished a guy off downstairs inthe middle house by B, and then knifed one guy at the bottom of the stairs and the last guy at the top which made it look like I was a lot better at this game than I really am... LOL

My main assault rifle latley has been the TAR, but Kinda partial to the ACR now, I went on last night to use it quite well both in silenced stealth mode and explosives heavy Danger Close noob mode.

So, not much to say here cept that I probably just won't bother with Tactical for my next prestige.

KuzuDate: Sunday, 04/April/2010, 11:32:11 PM | Message # 34
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one of the reasons i still really like this game is that there really IS so much to try. yah, every gun even has different abilities with diff add-ons.

actually the first side-arm i leveled up was the magnum, for the tactical ability. though i also thought it was quite fun going akimbo; like a clint eastwood western. yah, i agree with ur sentiment. going "tac" is not all that rewarding. well, i think that its hard to adjust from just about anything to a runner/stabber setup. i just dont think its that effective overall. sure it will kick ass on small maps, when the other guys dont have UAV or any awareness. but its pretty hard to be consistently deadly with a stabber class. ive avoided it altogether for several weeks. coping with lag is just a pain in the ass, as im sure u know. trying to stab someone, while lagging, is even less fun.

edit: forgot to ask. r u using marathon? lightweight? commando?
i would say the first two are mandatory for a stabber class. and im not even sure commando is more beneficial for tactical knives. i remember having this discussion with red. he thinks the range is still extended for tac knives. i would agree that to be the logical conclusion, yet when i try it, it doesnt seem to extend the range any farther. wanna confirm??

ive been exploiting my silenced TAR. u guys should check out the stat page that i posted. i basically dont use non-silenced weapons if i can help it now. giving away my position feels icky!

gotta say, i recommend the akimbo glocks. i havent found anything more useful than those. quick draw (i think .25 seconds), 33 rounds per gun (x2 = 66 bullets). extremely fast shooting rate. great for close encounters. can even handle multiple mofos. its just like a shredder. i never really used to switch out to my 2ndary guns before, but now i really take notice when im going in buildings to take out my pistolas. this has helped my game a fair bit.

redhamuSLADate: Monday, 05/April/2010, 9:07:08 AM | Message # 35
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A pure "Super Soldier" loadout is Mara/LW/Com. If you are going stabby, I'd definitely recommend having at least a couple of loadouts to accompany it. Mara/LW/NinjaPro for large noisy maps & Mara/Cold/NinjaPro for once the UAV's start going up. Also, for equipment, rock Throwing Knife & Stun Nades for closing the distance/freezing the opponent & getting distance kills (not to mention the speed at which you can toss Stun Nades). It's not a useless class, you've just got to be smart & don't give up useless deaths. I look at it as a class that can potentially unsettle opponents. That's not usually a bad thing. One last thing, always remember that Commando reaches HELLA far.

Kuzu, could you type up the most important details of that chart or whatever it is, please? I can't get at it on my iPhone. (>_<)

duxy87Date: Monday, 05/April/2010, 10:26:43 AM | Message # 36
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Commando with tactical knife isn't effective, as i've discovered trialing out. Often running towards a guy front on u tend to miss them because tac knife is so quick the timing doesn't match. Whenever confronted face on u tend to stab behind them and they end up stabbing u. Running behind them to stab has sometimes has the same flaw too. Not sure what it is but just can't I have worked out Ninja pro is more appropriate when going for dashing stabs. It's better to have commando pro with akimbo weapons i reckon, and tac knife with Ninja pro.

I love sneaking behind someone (ie. sniper) and throwing a semtex on them. they jump around like a Fing idiot thinking they can avoid it haha

redhamuSLADate: Monday, 05/April/2010, 12:31:24 PM | Message # 37
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Good points, dux. Tbh, once I get Ninja Pro, it's the only 3rd tier perk that I use. I vaguely remember what you are talking about with the Commando+Tact Knife. I'll check it out ASAP.

Commando = use pistol/pistol class
Ninja Pro = Tact Knife

KuzuDate: Monday, 05/April/2010, 11:13:40 PM | Message # 38
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Quote (redhamuSLA)
Kuzu, could you type up the most important details of that chart or whatever it is, please?

there is a picture chart, with a whole shit load of stats. its an Adobe flash thing, so diff stats pop up when u scroll over. the best part is being able to visualize how well weapons do. ex: range, dmg, silenced, etc.
these are the topics listed:

Damage is near 100% correct with data from the PC version's games_mp.log.
The range at which damage drops though is only approximate.
Player health is 100 and only 30 in "Hardcore".

Just like COD4 and WaW, body parts are segmented and multiply damage when hit.
"FireTime" is the split second between each shot.
"FireRate" is the potential amount of rounds the weapon can fire in a minute without reloading.

Hip Spread is measured in degrees from the center of the screen. (yet to get the shotgun spread)

"Reload" is the time from the very start to the very end of the reload (when the crosshair reappears).
"Empty" is the time to reload when the weapon is completely empty.
"Add Time" is the point in time in which the ammo is loaded, when the ammo counter changes.

"Drop Time" is the time it takes to put away a weapon to draw the other one.
"Raise Time" is the time it takes for that other weapon to be prepared to fire.
Combine the Drop of the weapon you switch from with the Raise of the weapon you switch to.
When switching to a Handgun, all weapons use QuickDropTime, only 0.25 seconds.
The M93 Raffica is also treated as a Handgun and benefits from QuickDrop as well.

"Sight Time" is the time it takes to Aim Down the Sight and return to the hip.

"Recoil" is measured with four opposing powers, two for up/down, two for left/right.
More power = more kick.
More power for one direction = more likely to kick in that direction.

KuzuDate: Monday, 05/April/2010, 11:15:22 PM | Message # 39
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Sentry Gun has 1000 points of health.
Explosives deliver 7x their damage against a Sentry.
A Melee attack will instantly disable the Sentry.
The Sentry has the potential to fire continuously for eight seconds.
It recovers fully in four. If it "overheats", it will take eight seconds.
After 90 seconds, the sentry will destroy itself if the enemy has not done so.

The UAV and Counter UAV have 700 health and hang around for thirty seconds.

Both Helicopters have 1500 health, Chopper Gunner has one flare countermeasure.
The Pave Low has one flare and 3000 health.
Unlike the helicopter in COD4, these three will decrease bullet damage to 0.3x all the time.

The AI controlled Helicopters use three of the four same old Threat Factors.
Class Threat has been removed, presumably due to the Secondary Weapon diversity.
Both the Pavelow and Helicopter last for 60 seconds.
The player controlled Chopper Gunner lasts for 40 seconds, not including the time it takes to travel to the map.

Both the Precision Airstrike and Harrier Strike deliver the same payload.
Three (two for Harrier) jets fly by and drop a bomb that breaks apart and releases ten bomblets each.
Each cluster bomb has an explosive radius of 512 inches, with damage of 200 at the center to 50 at the edge.

The Harrier that hangs around has 3000 health and cuts player damage against it in half.
Luckily, some will instantly kill it (or at least really hurt it).
A Stinger, Javelin and other killstreaks (like the remote missile and AC130 guns) will instantly destroy it.
The RPG7 and AT4 will do a specific amount of damage - the Harrier's max health minus 900.
The Harrier will hover in place for 45 seconds.

The Stealth Bomber drops a lot of bombs.
Each of them have an explosive radius of 896 inches.
They deliver 300 damage at the impact point and 50 at the edge.

The AC-130 apparently only has 1000 health.
This is offset by two flare countermeasures and immunity to everything except lock-on Launchers.
It lasts 40 seconds. All three guns are available. They have a reload time of:
25mm = 1.5
40mm = 3.0
105mm = 5.0

The Care Package and Emergency Airdrop have a chance of dropping anything (except nukes).
Care Package has a much higher probability of dropping other low-Streak hardpoints, while the Emergency Airdrop evens up the chances a bit.
The Littlebird that drops the package has 500 health and can be destroyed.
Its speed is so great that the window of opportunity to destroy it before it drops the package is very small.

KuzuDate: Monday, 05/April/2010, 11:15:35 PM | Message # 40
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Claymores have:
0.75 second delay after detection. Scrambler Pro increases the delay to 3 seconds.
192 inch detection range.
70° forward field of view detection radius.

On perks and a few other things:

The wait time between bursts for the FAMAS, M16 and M93R is 0.2 seconds.

Stopping Power is still 1.4x damage against players.
Stopping Power Pro has that multiplier applied against vehicles.

Danger Close is a bit stronger than it's predecessor, 1.4x increase in explosive damage.
Danger Close Pro is the multiplier applied to all killstreak damage, from AC-130s to Sentry Guns.

Blast Shield equipment cuts damage down to 0.65x, ensuring high survivability, but not invincibility.
Blast Shield and Danger Close will cancel each other out.
Semtex stuck to the player is powerful enough to ignore Blast Shield.

Commando adds 176 units of measurement to the range of the 128 unit lock distance of the melee charge.
Commando Pro cuts off all damage for any fall.

Scavenger will replenish one of each kind of ammunition if that ammo is not already at "MaxAmmo".
One Primary weapon magazine.
One Secondary weapon magazine.
One Grenade/Equipment.
One Special Grenade.
One Underbarrel Grenade / Four Masterkey shells.

MaxAmmo is very particular regarding Scavenger.
MaxAmmo does not count the ammunition loaded in the weapon.
An assault rifle has a maximum of 180 MaxAmmo + 30 MagSize.
Launchers only have a MaxAmmo of 1. To pick up a second grenade, the launcher must be reloaded.
If the currently held weapon and grenades are full, a blue bag will not be picked up even if the other weapon is not full.

Rapid Fire attachment has the same effect as Double Tap, multiplying time between shots by 0.75x (other way around, Rate of fire by 1.33x)
FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) attachment has the same effect as Deep Impact, greatly improving penetration damage through walls and objects.

Painkiller divides incoming damage by 3.
Throwing knives and melee attacks will still kill a Painkiller in one hit.

One Man Army allows the player to change classes on the fly in 6 seconds.
One Many Army Pro cuts that down to 3. It takes the place of the secondary weapon.
Switching from a One Man Army class to a class that lacks it will still have kills account towards One Man Army challenges for the player's life.

Sleight of Hand cuts reload time in half.
Sleight of Hand Pro halves the time it takes to Aim Down the Sight, both sighting in and out.

Ninja Pro will multiply the user's footstep sound by an amount less than 0.25x.

SitRep will highlight any and all enemy Equipment with a bright red overlay from a very long distance.
SitRep Pro does several things:
Multiplies the volume of enemy footsteps by 4x.
Multiplies the volume of the player and his allies' footsteps by 0.25x.
This allows the one with SitRep Pro to more clearly make out the enemy footsteps.
SitRep Pro does not make the player's footsteps quieter to the enemy, only to himself.

Scrambler will begin to take effect at 800 inches from an enemy. Their radar will be completely snowed at 300 inches.
Scrambler Pro will delay claymore detonation for 3 seconds.

Steady Aim multiplies the hip spread of a weapon to 0.65x.
Steady Aim Pro adds five extra seconds to the 4.5 second breath hold time.

Lightweight will multiply the player's movement speed by 1.1x ( 8% to 10% increase depending on the weapon).
Lightweight Pro will cut the delay between sprinting and being able to fire in half.

Last Stand will leave the player at one point of health for ten seconds after taking lethal damage.

banion7Date: Monday, 05/April/2010, 11:19:36 PM | Message # 41
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Yeah those perks for that Tactical thing, but prestiged so don't matta no more LoL.

Having fun playing with Stopping Power and Sleight of Hand now actually, every loadout was with Scav and Cold before prestiging and of course those Claymores... Realize now that I probably get more kills this way - requires a different kind of playing style, and enemy killstreks tend to hurt a bit more (still got done a lot by preds and choppers etc with cold anyways because of retarded teammates running toward me - I'm like, running away from them going "Get away from me!!!" but no, no escape and pred dude gets a double or a tripple when he thinks it's only gonna be a single - anyway the point is half the reason I equipped ninja and cold on every loadout before was to not get killstreaked but I still was anyways so well, you know *shrug* can live w out it I guess.)

Also, in love with the Inervention - just naked - this time around.
Also discovering the advantage of assult rifles w Stopping Power this time around - now that my aim is better maybe, dunno but anyways the M4A1 is pretty strong with unbelievable range somtimes, and the SCAR is just silly with it too.

Sorry, typing on itouch so hard to review what I've just said or even to remember what I was gonna say but... Oh maybe that I'm having fun with this prestige and that I suppose now that I doesn't really matter to me so much what my equipment or perks are - still having a lot of fun with this game!

duxy87Date: Tuesday, 06/April/2010, 7:54:03 AM | Message # 42
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A couple of things i figured out that you may or may not know but in any case could help ur gameplay...

C4: u can detonate it by tapping square twice.. effective for a riot shield class.

Deathcam: when u get killed and the death cam comes up, if you press start u can see the enemy map and the location of enemy players.

AC130 vs Chopper Gunner: AC130 takes 3 rockets to take down, whereas Chopper Gunner takes 2. AC130 last approx 30 seconds and Chopper Gunner approx 45 seconds. Think about when playing GW.

Karachi Spawn kill Grenade Launcher: Watch this -

redhamuSLADate: Tuesday, 06/April/2010, 9:10:47 AM | Message # 43
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LOLZ.  Thanks for taking the time, but I could check everything you posted up, Kuzu.  I guess I should have been more specific.  iPhones can't do Flash media.  (>_<)  I'm actually most interested in the weapon chart's details.  

What's the most important information you've gleaned from it?  Earlier you said you are still "exploiting" your Silenced TAR.  What do you mean by that?  Which weapons don't experience as much damage drop-off with distance & when equipping a silencer?

Also, I went pure stabby this morning for a couple of FFA's (Mara/LW/Com+stun+throwing knife).  Out of 60 kills, only 2 of them were with my pistol because I had already thrown my knife, missed & it was a distanced face-off.  Scrapyard & Highrise.

I didn't experience the missed stab that duxy had mentioned.  Not once.  I actually only missed one stab the whole time & both of us did.  Also, I'm quite sure Commando Tact extends the distance.  Whether or not it's the exact same distance, I can't tell.  I can tell you, however, that my "Avatar" (*ahem* nerd) still does the warping thing over great distance.

I'm not saying you didn't experience it, dux, but do you think it could have been a result of lag?

KuzuDate: Tuesday, 06/April/2010, 11:59:11 PM | Message # 44
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ban: u might wanna try this setup, which works wonders for me (trigger happy).
i have 4 (though could be less) setups all with Scav / SP / Ninja (or substitute SitRep pro).
this works very well with silenced weapons, since even if u miss, u are not giving away ur position. also, i have poor aim, so i opt for scav to replenish ammo. if no one puts up a UAV, im sitting pretty the whole match. if someone uses one, i switch to 1-2 classes with SOH / CB / Ninja for stealth and getting the first attack.

red: here it is in a nutshell; all weps (except sniper/LMG) have dropoffs in damage. for example, Famas close/mid = 40 dmg. far = 30 dmg. now, using a silencer does not "reduce" dmg per se, but what it does is make the dropoff occur quicker.

example with arbitrary numbers:
Famas does 40 dmg up until 1000 feet, after which it does 30.
Famas silenced does 40 dmg up until 700 feet, after which it does 30.

the site doesnt say the unit for the droppoff. there is no feet or meter listing.

but, when u apply stopping power (always x 1.4) to body shots, that increases dmg from 30 to 42. with famas/m16 3 burst, ANY 3 burst shot (silenced or naked) will kill assuming all shots hit the target. (if u have naked 40/30 wep, with stopping power, it can kill with 2 body shots. 40 x1.4=56. or naked 40/30 wep, NO stopping power and 2 headshots; u get the idea) that is why i use silenced with assault rifles that do 40/30 dmg and always use stopping power.

i know that was a poor explanation, but was in a rush. get it? u have to apply other perks and knowledge to the guns to get total stats and a better understanding.

redhamuSLADate: Wednesday, 07/April/2010, 2:50:28 AM | Message # 45
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Ok.  Got it.  Thanks for the breakdown.  Now (getting closer to the information I'd really love to hear)...which weapons are 40/30?

Man, last night sucked, huh?  We all got in one game together?   LOL.  Ouch.  And how the hell could the server have chosen Mulli as "the best" host, when by far the majority of players were located in J?

Stabby is definitely fun, but sometimes I go even or slightly negative.  I'm wondering if I should try Scav Pro in order to keep a supply of Stun nades.  Maybe Marathon Pro is too good to get rid of, though.

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